/watch Video Responder – An alternative YouTube video response tool

/watch Video Responder

“/watch” Video Responder is a browser extension I wrote for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. It converts YouTube “watch” links in comments and makes them visible and clickable. If you are the owner of the video that you put in your comment your video can be highlighted for extra visibility.

Watch the Video. Download links are below.

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BlogTv – Streaming in HQ and Other Tips for Improving Quality

Blog Tv HQ

I write this post as a musician who uses BlogTv for live streaming. Although I use the service just for fun, the quality of the audio when using the normal streaming that BlogTv provides isn’t really acceptable from my point of view. I want viewers to have as good an audio experience as possible when I stream and I want to be able to enjoy listening to other musicians at their best myself. Normal streaming on BlogTv just doesn’t cut it. The sound distorts and often cuts out when it shouldn’t. Considering streaming in HQ is totally free it just makes sense to do so if you care about what your viewers hear. It only take 20-30 mins to get going.
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Samsung Galaxy Beam

The new Galaxy Beam has been in development for a while but will go on public sale in the UK in July. It has a brighter projector at 15 lumens compared with the previous version which had a 9 lumens projector (the original wasn’t release worldwide). I think there will be demand for every smart device to have a projector in a few years. I wonder how it might effect laptop design and sales in the future.

The ‘i’ in Agile

The phrase ‘there is no ‘i’ in team’ is a nice one to borrow when considering the self-organising aspect of Agile methodologies.

Of course the old cliché is a reference to working together i.e. that a non-selfish attitude is required in order to achieve success for everyone. The parallel I draw with Agile is for a similar reason. In the word ‘agile’ the ‘i’ does exist, so in this sense I am referring to the need to think about yourself with a outlook of selflessness.

The ‘i’ is about much more than that though. It is about making a greater effort to understand what your responsibilities are and recognising your own capacity to do more to learn about what being agile actually means.
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Why dormant echoes?

I thought of the phrase many years ago and actually bought the domain back then too. I intended to use the name as an alias for my musical endeavors and was going to set up a website just for that purpose – somewhere to allow visitors to listen to and download my songs.

That website never really got off the ground and I just use soundcloud now for my electronic and folky warblings. But seeing as my career is in web development I wanted to set up my own technology related website / blog so I could have somewhere to write about some of the things that interest me about my field of work.
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